She Makes Cents Ranks on 10 Best Financial Blogs for Women

bc-1January 16, 2014

I can’t think of a more fitting time to start my SMC Journal than today.  Yesterday, I received a surprising email from a representative from, a site created to help Americans with subpar credit find the information and resources they need to make successful credit decisions.  The email was to inform me that was named one of 10 Best Finance Blogs for Women.  It’s so exciting to know that people out there in cyberspace are actually reading MY blog and visiting MY site.  I hope that any recognition from being included on this list opens doors for the site so that I can continue to inspire YOU, the reader.  The fab life doesn’t have to come at a hefty price tag.  It’s especially fulfilling to know that I have awesome readers out there who not only share their own stories with me, but readers who are willing to join me on my own journey toward financial freedom.

xoxo, Danielle


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