{July Challenge from Another Blogger} Give Away 100 Things in a Month!

So I was doing some reading this morning, when I came across Foundry in the Forest’s July Challenge. I am somewhat unfamiliar with the blog, but the title intrigued me: Give 100 Things Away in a Month. The wheels in my head started to turn as I thought about the possibility of things that could be sold via thrift stores (see benefits, here), donated to shelters, and even given to my little cousins who already LOVE going through my stuff. With today being the first of July, I thought to myself….why not. Even if I don’t get rid of 100 things, I will at least reduce the amount of stuff I have accumulated, given something away that could make someone else happy, and even make a little money in time for my birthday!

Off the top of my head, I think I will start with:

Clothes that no longer fit: I have just started working out because I am learning the hard way what happens to my body when I am not dancing and performing, but still eating everything in sight. Unfortunately, I cannot fit several articles of clothing (VERY HONEST MOMENT) and this could be an opportunity to make room for clothes that do fit.

College Textbooks: While there are some books I couldn’t bear to see go, I admittedly was one of those students who never sold a book back to the bookstore. I guess I thought that one day I would really sit down as r-read the “History of {insert some boring subject here}”. Re-selling or donating some of my old college textbooks could definitely help broke college students.

Kitchen In A Box: When I was in school, my mom bought me this awesome “Kitchen in a Box” from Target. It had a bunch of kitchen items that I never used since I moved back home (sophomore year) to save money. As an adult…homeowner, I now own big girl kitchen supplies and a lot of the college stuff still lives in a box in my garage.

Old Paraphernalia: Over the past few years, I have accumulated a good number of sorority items that I haven’t used. Some I put in a pile for newly initiated sorors, but some stuff..like my old shirts would probably be worn more by my little sister, Victoria. Skee Wee Sorors!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I am sure that this challenge will force me to think about how option I use, wear, or enjoy some of the things I have. If not, then it will go into one of three categories: sell, donate, give to younger family members.

What Could You Give Away?


Email SMC: shemakescents@gmail.com

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