{Generic Won’t Do} 5 Things “She” Can’t Be Frugal About

Denia’s 2 Cents!

Tampons– tried a brand other than pearl once, and I will never do it again.

Tissue– Charmin is #1; I blame my mother.

Coffee– Even though I patronize other coffees from time to time, Starbucks is definitely my main squeeze.

Pink Starbucks!

Soap-Dove never lets me down. The generic brand has never enticed me.

Makeup (specifically foundation)- MAC COSMETICS until I die. Okay, that was a little extreme but their brown shades match me like no other!

She Makes Cents

Ladies, what items can’t you be frugal about?

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One thought on “{Generic Won’t Do} 5 Things “She” Can’t Be Frugal About

  1. #1 for me is the MAC Liquid Last Liner. It’s the best I’ve ever found. I always have issues with my eyeliner smearing (hooded Asian eyelids). Even the waterproof eyeliners don’t work. Although $20 for the product, it is definitely worth a splurge for me. #2 is the Dove Cream Oil body wash and lotion (has to be the combo). I have extremely dry skin and this is a life saver. I don’t have to consistently put lotion on throughout the day. One application and I am good to go.

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