Watching for Spring!!

 Update: Please click here for “Watching for Spring Update” 

My favorite season is here, which means it’s time to start packing away my fall/winter stuff and refresh my life and look for spring. One way I prepare myself for spring is by cleaning out my closet.

I am all about donating my old clothes and accessories that do not fit properly or no longer fit my style, but if I can sell them, I will. I am good for selling clothes to Rag-O-Rama in Atlanta and other consignment stores. Whatever they don’t take, I donate to a shelter, clothing drive, or the Goodwill. I used to have a hard time letting go of clothes because I attached a memory to them or I used to tell myself that I wear it one day…now I think how someone else can benefit from buying them at a price that’s in their budget.

Plus, getting rid of the old makes room for the new! Old me would have just bought whatever without a thought. Adult Danielle now takes into consideration the “adult bills” she is now responsible for…. that doesn’t mean I lose the fab, it just means I use my “cents”.  Thanks to my Mr., my newest style obsession is the bracelet/watch look and I plan on using the money I get from selling to consignment stores to go toward the “Danielle needs a cute new watch fund“. 

I love the layered look like this:

These are my top contenders for achieving my watch style for Spring!

What are you saving for!


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