3 Easy Hair Styles to Save Your Hair and Money

Saving Money + Healthy Hair = Awesome Pair

So there’s a new way to save money: Protective Styling! What are protective styles, you might ask? Protective styles are styles done on your hair (whether relaxed or natural), that encourage growth by using little to no heat, keeping moisture on the ends of your hair, and limiting the wear and tear on your hair. Here are a few on my personal favorites I decided to share with She Makes Cents! The benefit of these styles is that they require little to no money because you can do them yourself and with very little product!

The BUN:

Natural Hair Bun

Celebrity Hair styles

There’s an awesome
post and video over that I posted to Ruby Woo Blog (check it out here) on bunning. However, you can never go wrong with an elegant bun. It’s chic and cute, and allows you to show off your baddest set of earrings. Buns also completely hide the ends of your hair so that they can stay moisturized and avoid brushing against your hair all day. Buns can be styled on both wet and dry hair.


Braid-outs and Twist-Outs can actually yield a lot of different looks. This style can be done on wet or dry hair, and basically you braid or two strand twist your hair in the direction youwish it to flow, and once you let it completely dry, you take them down for a very uniform curly look. Be careful, however, the key here is allowing your hair to completely dry. If you don’t, the curlier your hair is, the less defined it will look.

African American Hair


So, this is actually a permanent style unless you intend on cutting them off. However, as per an article I read at K is for Kinky, you can reach optimum growth as far as length with your hair locked.


Wash and go’s are self explanatory. Well, kind of. What you do it wash your hair as usual, and then you proceed to apply your favorite leave in conditioner throughout your strands, or you can use no product. Anyway, after you’re done you’re good and ready to go!


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