August Financial Goals

On April 13, 2011, I gave my SMC readers an update to my Spending Diet from the month before. For an entire month, I wrote down everything I spent my money on and doing so revealed so much about my spending habits. I now have to confess that my April Spending Diet was the last time I took part in tracking every expense. Since August 1st is right around the corner, I have decided to get back on the financial hot tamale train, and take back control of my finances. First, I will make a budget for the month and then I will keep up with my version of Catey Hill’s Spending Chart.

For the month of August I plan to:

Cut Back on Eating Out

(except birthday celebrations, of course)

Consolidate Trips

Stick to my Grocery List

Eat Before Leaving the House

Lock Up the Credit Card for the Entire Month

Review My Finances Daily

Sharing is Caring!


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