If You Won the Lottery, What Would You Do?

My sister and I have this discussion often. What would you do if you won the lottery? Well, I cannot tell you our plan in detail, but I will list a few things on my list. This is in no particular order:

Immediately put a good chunk of my winnings in several interest bearing accounts

Write a significant check to my Alma Mater
Spelman College

Make a donation to the music program at Clark Atlanta University

See…AUC unity does exist. I was educated at Spelman and socialized at CAU. Shout out to the alumni members of the ESSENCE Dance Line!

SN: I have gained some of my closest relationships within the music program at CAU.

ESSENCE Dance Line



Start My Own Operation Wedding Fund

I’m sure someone will want to marry me someday…at least I will be able to afford my dream wedding (if I don’t elope)

Travel the World with Family and Friends

Make a “let me hold a dollar” fund

This will be for all of the fake family members and random people who will show up.. Once this fund is depleted…oh well

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?



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4 thoughts on “If You Won the Lottery, What Would You Do?

  1. If I won the Lottery: 1) Take my winnings as a lump sum pay out not an annual annuity. Let the govt have all of their taxes up front!. 2) Enlist the services of a financial planner to invest and grow my portfolio. 3) Pay my tithes to Mt Olive AME church Jacksonville. 4)pay off all of Mine and my immediate family’s installment accounts. Now when they work their money is their own, dont ask for anymore. 5)Establish a scholarship fund in an interest bearing account for my family members young and old who wish to educate themselves but only lack the means. If you lack the drive, well I can’t and won’t waste funds on you. Im wealthy and I plan to stay that way. 6) Go back to school myself, Get my Masters in Architecture, Bachelors in Interior Design and my MBA. 7) Travel the US and then world.

  2. I would throw all of my winnings to my dream of starting my own photography/production company…and hire smart people.

  3. I’d find the best financial planner around so I could invest wisely. I would write a check to St. Sabina Church in Chicago, to Bell Tower Scholarship, Inc., and AKA-EAF, then dole out checks to close family and friends (once they spend the money, that’s it). I would hire a trainer and a nutritionist so I could get my self together physically. Traveling and buying things that I like would also be something I would enjoy!

Your Thoughts?

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