How to Update Your Shoes Without Spending a Dime

Cheap Chic: Good for the Sole

Not too long ago I was checking out Facebook and came across a very cute DIY Fashion project. My cousin, Traci, took some ordinary black shoes from…..wait for it……Wal-Mart and made them look AWESOME without breaking the bank and spending all day on a DIY project. Let’s see how they turned out.

Here is what they looked like before she started Metro Seven Shoes:

First, she painted the heel gold:

Then she attached some hand-tied bows made from the back-tie of a blouse to the simple black sling-backs. It is also a good way to tighten the strap if it loosens, as sling backs tend to do.

And Viola!!!!

In my opinion, the shoes turned out great! I love ruffles, bows, and anything that is ultra feminine, plus the colors are right up my alley. Maybe I’ll try this on my pair of Steve Madden sling backs that I haven’t worn in a while. I’m sure these would up the ante of the most important fashion basic for every woman, the LBD! When I make a pair of my own, I will call them my ICE COLD shoes (s/o to the men of Alpha Phi Alpha ~Skee Phi~)

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4 thoughts on “How to Update Your Shoes Without Spending a Dime

  1. This is cute and I will pass it on…anybody that knows Dee knows I breathe shoes. I just have to have them and I have an problem. This is why my lugguage is overweight now because 65% is shoes. This is a neat idea, but…my name is Dee and I am a shopaholic!!

  2. This was a great post. Awesome idea! I’m all for saving bucks and still looking fly. I also LOVE being creative. This is the perfect way to ensure your own sense of style. Thanks so much for sharing!

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