STONEnyc: Find Fab Jewelry on Any Budget

Once upon a time a woman let go of all inhibitions and allowed Prince Charming access to her sole(s). Yes, a pair of shoes transformed Cinderella, a working woman, into royalty…. If only this were true in real life. While I don’t own a pair of glass slippers, I do own a fabulous pair of Chanel sandals purchased first semester of my freshman year of college. I love them. I love them. I love them….and boy oh boy the secrets they would tell if shoes could talk. I believe the first confession would be about how I bought a pair of $1000 Chanel sandals from Bergdorf’s on sale for a little under $200 (Thank you God for a size 35.5 shoe) or how those very same shoes were born from a labor of love, also known as a shopping-showdown. Disclaimer: It would not be in your best interest to come between me and a sale. Back then, finding deals of that magnitude were best done in person, now-a-days you might be just as lucky on the web. Now I won’t reveal ALL of my little pleasures, but one good place to start would have to be STONEnyc.

STONEnyc is not a shoe store, it is an online boutique featuring jewelry and accessories by designers from New York to Los Angeles, Canada and beyond. Did I mention it is also one of my newest secret happy places? Why?

Find out in my Top 5 Reasons to check out STONEnyc:

  1. The Mission is Awesome:to be an outlet that encourages women to create their own style.
  2. One of A Kind: rarely will you hear someone say, “oh I have those earrings” when you rock pieces from STONEnyc.
  3. Crystal Whalum: owner and one fly chick who I met while she was making her mark by influencing AUC (Atlanta University Center) fashions one bracelet at a time. She is gorgeous, humble, and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
  4. The Price is Right: The price points fall within everyone’s budget. For example, rings range between $15- $295.
  5. Promos: Not too long ago, STONEnyc offered a giveaway to their Twitter followers. I would encourage you to follow @mySTONEnyc and @shemakescents for future promos.

In the meantime, check out a few of my favs. I found my slippers from Chanel, I found my special ring from STONEnyc, where is my Prince Charming? j/k

Gold Big Bow Ring


Statement Necklace from STONEnyc



Charm Bracelet


Click here for the entire STONEnyc Collection

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