How to Get FREE Internet- The Legal Way



Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

(one of my favorite quotes) 

Just when I thought I couldn’t afford another bill, things work themselves outThis past Saturday, two random experiences met at the intersection of pure dumb luck and #winning.  The day started with my father researching cheap yet dependable internet service providers on my behalf.  Confession- since I bought my house, I still drive to my parents’ house to take advantage of their FREE internet. . . please don’t judge me:/  I need internet, but I cannot possibly afford any additional bills.   On the same day, I ended up on a dummy mission with and for my sister, which caused me to find solace in the company of my Droid.  In the midst of my boredom, I started fiddling around with my phone and. . . (insert singing angels here) I found under my wireless options a “portable hotspot”. 

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized how awesome this was.  I hooked my phone up to computer via the USB port, named my wireless connection, and viola!  I had internet.  While this might not be important to others, internet was the last thing needed to complete my home office.  Apparently, my phone does not even have to be tethered to the computer and I can use it to as a hotspot for up to five devices. 


While nothing in life is free, my newly discovered internet access is not the result of adding an additional bill.  Just to make sure it was not too good to be true, I called my cell phone provider, T-Mobile, to confirm that using the “portable hotspot” from my phone would not affect my bill.  The T-Mobile representative informed me that, using my phone as a portable hotspot will not affect my bill because I currently have an unlimited data plan.  If you have T-Mobile, I suggest that you look into their portable hotspot options because upgrading your bill to unlimited data and internet use could help eliminate your internet bill.  As far as savings, this worked to my benefit.  I would advise that you calculate all options before cancelling your internet service or upgrading your cell phone service to see if this is a better financial option for you.  As of April 26, 2011, all of the information presented in this post is true to my knowledge.  Technology is ever changing and now that T-Mobile has been bought out by AT&T, who knows how this deal will pan out.  For now, I will continue to run She Makes Cents from the comfort of my home, the smoothie shop down the street, or wherever my phone is in close vicinity. 


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3 thoughts on “How to Get FREE Internet- The Legal Way

  1. What a great discovery! the question I have is how is the connection? Is it fast,dependable, good even when downloading?


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